Event Management

In 2013 our team was solely responsible for the management in over 50 areas, across 20 sites in multiple countries using both their training and experience to give over 150,000 guests a fantastic experience of the event they attended.

In 2014 the team has already delivered over 160,000 hospitality guest days with more than twice that on retail. 

During the success of the 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games in London, mr.smithleisure took over the operation for the Paralympics at one of the most exciting venues during the games, Eton Dorney. Home to 30 Great Britain medal winners during the Games period and attended by more than 400,000 it was the second most attended venue after the Olympic Stadium.

This operation involved an entire restructure of the former event team and bringing in mr.smithleisure as the senior Event Management and filling the roles of General Manager, Logistics Manager and Operations Manager as well as the senior on-site retail management. As a result Eton Dorney was voted the best Olympic and Paralympic venue by a poll of spectators of all Olympic sites: http://www.dorneylake.co.uk/2012-dorneylake.html.

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